The overall goal of the University of Virginia’s Fire Safety Program is the protection of life and property at the University of Virginia (UVA). The Fire Safety Program at UVA strives to identify and minimize those conditions and/or actions that may encourage fires to start and spread. Through training programs, University staff, faculty, and students are educated on fire safe practices.

Responsibilities and Services:

Tent Permiting Directions and Application word | pdf Responding to fire/building code questions Serving as the primary contact State Fire Marshal’s Office Serving as the primary contact to Charlottesville Fire Department Conducting fire safety inspections of UVA owned Buildings Preparing and implementing evacuation plans for University buildings Developing and conducting fire safety training programs Maintaining a database of fire safety compliance and incident information

UVA Policies applicable to Fire Safety:

ID:SEC-032 - Open Burn and Open Flame Operations

ID:SEC-018 - Fireworks Display

ID:SEC-013 - Tent Use on University Property

Gerald Drumheller
UVA Fire Marshal, 434-982-4914
Britt Grimm
Senior Fire Safety Inspector, 434-243-2439
Clinton Wingfield
Fire Safety Inspector, 434-243-6289
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Doug McGlothlin
Fire Safety Inspector, 434-243-5177
Delphine Mays
Fire Safety Assistant, 434-243-1711
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